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Details Multi Station Cleaning Systems
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KDS Hot Water High-Pressure Hencoop Cleaners with Hose Reel 100 Mt
Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners Hot Cold High Pressure Washing Machines, 70 bar to 800 bar, Electric, Gasoline Engine.
Cold Water Pressure Washer
HS Cold Water High-Pressure Hencoop Cleaners with Hose Reel 100 Mt
GL Interior Area Modular Series with Two Users
SL Cleaner with Tire Wheel
Vehicle Mounted Cleaners
DC Stainless Wall Type Cleaners
Coin Operated Car Wash and Foam Machines The easiest way to wash your car before you rinse it off then quickly without losing time
Multi Station Cleaning Systems Its compact design and all components are in the cabinet, ready to use.
Self Service Perfume, Wheel&Tire Polishing ve Quick Wax
Gasoline Engined Pressure Washers
Foam and Liquid Spraying Pumps
DX Steel Cage Vertical Cleaners
Hydrostatic Test Pumps With the pressure control valve, the pressure level can be fixed to the desired value. The water test pressure does not exceed this fixed value.
Car Detailing Machines & Vacuum Cleaners Rotowash Vacuum Cleaners make cleaning much easier.
High Pressure Washers Spare Parts
Car Care Products
Carpet Washing Machines
Air Compressors Our compressors will provide you with a long-term air flow. You can visit Rotowash for air compressors.
Higher performance, shorter cleaning time
Water Power
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