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Cold Water Pressure Washer
ROTOWASH Cold High Pressure Washing Machines, Electric Motor, Gasoline Engine, Diesel Engine, Vehicle Mounted and Fixed System, Cabinet Type, Central System Options With Wide Range of Options to Choose from, You can choose to clean stubborn dirt and internal and external surfaces saves energy.
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ST Cold Water High - Pressure Cleaners
SD Cold Water High - Pressure Cleaners SD Series Our products are listed in this category. Click to view the products.
HS Cold Water High-Pressure Hencoop Cleaners with Hose Reel 100 Mt
HD Super Pro Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaners
SK Super Class 350 - 500 Bar Water Jet
GL Interior Area Modular Series with Two Users
SL Cleaner with Tire Wheel
DC Stainless Wall Type Cleaners
Vehicle Mounted Cleaners
MT Supported Cleaners
Cleaners with Stands
MK Steel Cage
MP Wall Mounted Series
DX Steel Cage Vertical Cleaners
NK Stainless Series with Hose Reel
KK Wet Sand Blasting Machines
BJ Super Water Jet with Gasoline Engine
RR Car Wash Car Foam Series
Special Solutions
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