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15301017 - Polished Wash Chemical without Brush Heavy vehicle car wash foam, perfectly cleans dirt, mold and dust on the vehicle.
15301021 - Detailed Interior Cleaning Detailed cleaning product makes regular car wash detailed version with its special formula while making car more hygienic and sanitary.
15301027 - Tyre Shine Tyre polisher makes tyres look wet constantly.
15301025 - Rim Cleaner Wheel cleaning solution is a solvent in alkaline and acid chemicals free oil and dirt cleaner.
15301112 - Engine Cleaner It easily cleans engine blocks with other oil and dirt stored parts. It doesn not contain flammable, inflammable and evaporating chemicals.
15301199 - Fast Polish Rapid polish is complex product providing quick shine to cars with natural and slicon oils.
15301038 - Torpedo Milk It is used for the cleaning and maintenance of car internal leather, vinyl and plastic surface. It makes the surfaced looks like brand new.
15301140 - Car Perfume Kindly find below variety of our car/room perfumes in 12 bottles a pack.
15301070 - Silicon Milk While cleaning leather, vinyl and plastic surface and polishing, it also supports protecting against harmful uv light.
15301201 - Fast Polish Wax increasing shine. Spray and clean. Smoothless result. Smoothless and shining surfaces.
15301069 - Rim Cleaners While dissolving bitumen, break powder and other stains smudged the wheel by its private solvent materials, it also shines the wheel.
15301202 - Car Seat and Floor Protective It supports protecting your car sofa and covers against stains. It depply cleans your car sofa and covers, provides powerful protection.
15301071 - Engine Cleaner It quickly and effectively removes oil and dirt from all engine parts.
15301061 - Fabric Cleaner Spray It is perfect fir for all kinds of clothes, wont make clothes’ surface wet, cleans deeply with its active foam, prodives guaranteed hygienic cleaning.
15301062 - Car Wax It removes the thin scratches effectively without damaging the paint by its micro-particals content.
15301068 - Tyre Polish While dissolving bitumen, break powder and other stains smudged the wheel by its private solvent materials, it also shines the wheel.
15301203 - Paint Protective It is an unnatural liquid wax that contents polymer holds on to painted surface. This structure gives it an incredible durability and makes it have excellent water slide feature.
15301064 - Mikrofiber Fabric It is a special product for painted surface to be dried easily and quickly by its smooth texture and stron absorbent feature.
15301073 - Squeegee You can take the water by pulling with its soft slicon rubber part. It never leaves water and stain on the pulled surface.
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